I’ve been wanting to do a tech blog for a while – pretty much anytime I either find or write something awesome, I want to share it with the world – and I’ve finally made an end-run around my laziness to do it, so here it is: //double-slash

In this space, I’ll be posting code snippets, links, how-tos, and anything else I can think of that will help others like myself who work (and perhaps also play) at software development and systems architecture.  I primarily work in Microsoft environments (Visual Studio, SQL Server, .Net Framework, you know the ones), but there will certainly be occasional posts covering Flash, Java(Script), Cocoa, and others, since I do a bit of everything.

So follow along, try stuff out, and definitely comment with your own sweet solutions to any of these problems, because I’m eager to learn new tricks, too!

-Benjamin G Turner


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